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New white paint that can cool your home enough to reduce...

In an effort to curb global warming, Purdue University engineers have created the whitest paint ever . Painting buildings in this paint may, one day, cool them...

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Ford temporarily suspends production at its plant in Sonora… again

U.S. automaker Ford Motor Co will temporarily suspend production on Friday, October 15th, at its Hermosillo plant in Mexico's Sonora state due to a shortage of materials, the plant's labor union said on Thursday,...

Ford to suspend production at Hermosillo plant on material shortage

U.S. automaker Ford will temporarily suspend production from Oct. 11-12 at its Hermosillo plant in Sonora, Mexico because of a shortage of material, the plant's labor union said on Thursday, October 7th. Workers will be...


“Sonora: a treasure to discover”: exhibition begins in CDMX

This Friday, December 3, the exhibition "Sonora: a treasure to discover" opens to the public, at the facilities of Punto México, in the Ministry...

Playa San Agustín: an incredible fishing spot in the state of Sonora (VIDEO)

Playa San Agustín is a travel destination in Sonora. Playa San Agustín is situated southeast of El Colorado, north of Rada Cerro Prieto. The town...

Prohibited products you may NOT bring from the United States into Mexico

If you regularly cross the border, know what items are prohibited from entering the country. After more than 19 months since the restrictions on non-essential travel...

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Canadian woman trying to make tortillas goes viral (VIDEO)

Social media users were surprised by a TikTok video showing how a young woman from Canada tries to make tortillas with a metal machine. The recording...


Of every 10 avocados purchased in the world, three are sold by Mexican growers. Pay homage to the Mexican avocado. The adventure begins among the branches...

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