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Thursday, June 24, 2021

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New white paint that can cool your home enough to reduce...

In an effort to curb global warming, Purdue University engineers have created the whitest paint ever . Painting buildings in this paint may, one day, cool them...

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Business and Economy

New Zealand looks to do business in Mexico

A digital business mission was carried out between 11 New Zealand companies with firms from the Sonora Mining Cluster. New Zealand firms see great business opportunities in Mexico, mainly in mining and food, this after...

AMLO government is contemplating the possibility of nationalizing the production of lithium

The project for the exploitation of lithium in Mexico makes public and private interests collide In the heat of the information technology era, demand for lithium is increasing, the key metal in the production of...


Requirements to cross from San Diego to Tijuana with a pet

Things you should know if you will take your pet or companion animal with you The border with the United States has been closed since...

American Airlines takes advantage of Mexico FAA downgrade and ads direct flights to several...

The downgrade of Mexico is a limitation for Mexican airlines. As a result, they can neither increase frequencies, nor add routes, nor change equipment. And as...

San Felipe or Puerto Peñasco ?

San Felipe Vs. Puerto Penasco- Which Mexican Vacation Destination Is Better?  Trying to decide between a visit to San Felipe Mexico or Puerto Penasco...

Food and Drink

Canadian woman trying to make tortillas goes viral (VIDEO)

Social media users were surprised by a TikTok video showing how a young woman from Canada tries to make tortillas with a metal machine. The recording...


Of every 10 avocados purchased in the world, three are sold by Mexican growers. Pay homage to the Mexican avocado. The adventure begins among the branches...

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