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Sonora News

Border Patrol kills Arizona man who reported migrants on property near the border with...

The FBI is investigating the death of a tribal member in Arizona after U.S. Border Patrol agents shot him Thursday, authorities said. Customs and Border...


AMLO signs decree to assure that lithium is not exploited by Russia, China, or...

SONORA, MEXICO.- President Andrés Manuel López Obrador signed a decree to nationalize lithium, with the aim that this resource cannot be exploited by a...


During my graduate work, I had a professor who had an enduring, indelible impact on my life. One of his more memorable notions was...

Mexico exceeds 120 thousand murders so far under AMLO in just 42 months

42 months after the beginning of the administration of President López Obrador, TResearch reports that Mexico exceeds 120 thousand intentional homicides; figures exceed past administrations...
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Mexico and its debt

The economic medal that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador boasts the most is that he has not borrowed. He mentions it frequently and uses it as a differentiator with respect to neoliberal governments. For his part,...

AMLO’s populist control during the pandemic slows Mexico’s finances: Financial Times

López Obrador "abhors state-funded bailouts," infers the renowned publication One of the decisions that have marked the months of the pandemic in Mexico is the refusal of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to grant the country's...


Lithium Mx will start operating in February: AMLO

The president pointed out that the most important lithium mine in Mexico is in Banámichi, Sonora, where they already work in collaboration with a...

AMLO said Mexico is looking to build five solar farms in Sonora

The US wants to help Mexico bankroll its ambitious plan for a slew of solar parks along their border, which is likely to require...

Real Estate


Puerto Peñasco ” Rocky Point” January schedule events calendar

Last year did not hold back as it washed its way out to sea, taking much of Puerto Peñasco’s streets and electricity with it....

Sonora celebrates 10th Anniversary of the Cerro de Trincheras Archaeological Zone

From 1 to 17 December at the #ZonaArqueológicaCerrodeTrincherasTen years since its opening, its outreach and community engagement, but more than 30 years of  #research. Workshops, exhibitions, talks,...

$1,580,000,000 USD Powerball and Mega Millions attracts players from Mexico

This week, ticket sales for both lotteries have skyrocketed from Mexico. Why aspire to win ONE multi-million dollar prize, if you can win TWO? This...

Food and Drinks

Mexican Cows Taste Good, Mexico is now #1 in providing meat to the US

For the first time, Mexican ranchers managed to become the main foreign supplier of fresh beef to the United States, displacing Canada, which for...

Expats in Mexico

A quick guide to Mexico’s ‘boat people’ expat subculture

Much has been written about the many people who live in Mexico part-time or full-time, but relatively little has been written about Mexico's different...

Expats Crime

Trap for US tourists: in Mexico they kidnap them and disappear

In recent weeks, different cases of US citizens who disappeared in Aztec lands have jumped to the pages of the US media, questioning how...


Mexico History

Hotel Posada La Roca in Puerto Peñasco, haunt of gangster Al Capone

Legend says that the alcohol smuggler Al Capone had a hideout in Puerto Peñasco, the Marine Club, today Hotel Posada La Roca Those were the years of the prohibition of alcoholic beverages in the United States, which lasted from 1920 to 1933 throughout its territory....

Mexico Living

A federal judge has ruled for a Colorado school district after a student sued to wear a sash reflecting the Mexican and American flags at graduation Saturday. The lawsuit said the district violated Naomi Peña Villasano’s “constitutionally protected right to free speech.” Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund attorneys, representing Villasano, also sought a temporary restraining order to allow...


Profeco issues warning Not to drink Suerox to rehydrate as well as other popular drinks

Not for babies, not for athletes, or for hangovers. The Profeco failed this and other drinks. Whether you are an athlete, you are sick or you have a hangover, serums are recurrent among the population, since they are hydrating drinks that compensate for the losses of water...