San Carlos: the enigmatic jewel of Sonora recently considered a Magical Town


When you travel through the Aztec lands, there is no doubt why Mexico is one of the favorite destinations of thousands of tourists around the world, as it is a place full of culture, customs and natural wealth.

And it is that Mexico stands out for its paradisiacal beaches, pyramids, mountains, jungle and the enigmatic Magical Towns that promise a dream adventure to anyone who dares to explore them.

Among the hidden jewels of Mexico is San Carlos, a magical little town that joins the list of the most recommended tourist destinations to visit for its beautiful landscapes and infrastructure.

Located in the municipality of Guaymas, Sonora, history tells us that the Tetakawi hill (one of its main attractions) was considered a very sacred place, which, in its first decades received the visit of Canadian and American citizens.

In fact, in April 1980, San Carlos was officially declared a National Tourist Development Zone, thus attracting more visitors who were totally amazed once they encountered the imposing Tetakawi hill.

One of the most recent events that has captivated many, was the sighting of a humpback whale right in the area of the Tetakawi hill in early December, being considered as an unusual experience in the Gulf of California by some specialists.

According to National Geographic, the San Carlos viewpoint is among the ten best places with a view of the sea in the world, as beautiful sunsets that are painted red can be seen on the site.

It is worth noting that the Tetakawi Hill has two access routes to climb, and once the summit is reached, one witnesses a truly spectacular panoramic view.

One of the places that you must visit in your trip to San Carlos is the aquarium, which has a golf course and an artificial reef. In addition, the place offers a show of marine species that meet tourists, among which stand out sea lions, dolphins and sometimes also whales. The dolphinarium in San Carlos, in addition to making presentations with dolphins and sea lions, is also a center for aquatic therapy for people with disabilities.

Take into account that among the wide tourist offer in the magical town of San Carlos, the beaches of the Sonoran coast stand out for their genuine warm waters, white sand and the fusion between the sea and the desert. It should be noted that in San Carlos there is also the pearl farm of the Sea of Cortez, and for lovers of tourism and adventure you can visit the Nacapule Canyon. Remember that in the town besides swimming, you can also kayak and jet ski.

Source: Debate