More than 6 thousand visitors received by Car Show Puerto Peñasco 2024


There were approximately 6 thousand visitors, who came to witness more than 300 vehicles, including classic cars (‘low riders’ jumpers) and bicycles, with their respective modifications, to Puerto Peñasco, during the past weekend.

Jesús Ramsés Cota Solís stated that the event was a total success since there was a great influx of whole families wanting to witness the spectacle of the classic jumping cars to the rhythm of different types of music while the people chanted, recorded and celebrated around them, to those who jumped higher.

There were cars that managed to jump so hard that they even reached complete verticality, commented the president of the Desert Dream Car Club, organizer of this event, in its 14th edition.

In addition, people had fun with the spectacularism of the designs and extravagances of the cars and their striking paintings or other modifications related to the “Pachuco Movement”, he said.

Cota Solís said that the visitors began to return, to their respective cities, from yesterday morning -those who arrived from further away-, such as Canada, Colorado, California, Mexico City, Tijuana, Mexicali and Arizona.

Thank God the visitors take back a good taste in their mouth, apart from the fact that there were no major incidents. It was something very beautiful the behavior of everyone and there was a lot of interest from the participants for next year to be more numerous since they promised to do it.

“Everything went very well thanks also to the support of the municipal authorities who were 100 in all their aspects, from security to due attention of their different dependencies, to tourists,” he pointed out when observing that this event gives a plus to the socioeconomic activity of the port in addition to greater presence abroad.


A classic “pachuco” car, modified from the suspension, finished paint (up to 25 thousand dollars), design, electrical-electronic accessories, has a cost of up to 150 thousand dollars, although there are more austere ones that range in the 50 thousand, according to the president of the Desert Dream Car Club.

Source: El Imparcial