Armed group shoots at renowned businesswoman in Caborca, Sonora


Blanca Buentello was assaulted while traveling in a pickup truck. A well-known businesswoman from Caborca barely survived an armed attack yesterday in Sonora. The assault was recorded shortly after 2:00 PM in that municipality.

The victim is Blanca Buentello, an aviator and asparagus producer, who was shot as she left her office, aboard a recent model pickup truck.

The vehicle was found outside the State General Hospital, located on Primera Street and Sonora Avenue. Initially, a person with a gunshot wound was reported.

According to eyewitnesses, the woman drove herself to the medical center, where she was immediately admitted to the emergency room and received attention from the staff.

The pickup, a recent model Chevrolet, showed bullet impacts on the driver’s and co-driver’s windows. The rear doors also had damage.

On the road, near the “Los Tucanes” gas station, long gun shell casings were found. It is estimated that the shooting started in that area.

Source: Milenio