Closing of crossings in Texas interrupts trade between Mexico and the US: Concamin


The Confederation of Industrial Chambers (Concamin) warned that the temporary closure of the rail border crossings of Eagle Pass and El Paso, Texas, interrupts the commercial relations of Mexico and the United States and contravenes the USMCA.

There is concern about the unilateral decision by the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to temporarily close the rail border crossings in Eagle Pass and El Paso, Texas, the industry body commented.

“These actions worry the industrial sector, because they contravene the spirit of the USMCA, in

“Which refers to free transit in the transport of goods and merchandise.”

The closures of these border points of great importance for bilateral trade interrupt the logistics chains of both countries, he added.

Concamin recognized the government of Mexico for its efforts to resolve this problem, and

“We call on the authorities of the United States to, as a priority,

take the necessary steps to open the aforementioned railway crossings.”

“It is a priority to guarantee the bilateral trade flow to benefit the competitiveness of the

various industrial sectors in Mexico… Mainly those that require basic inputs that are imported from the United States for the generation of value.”

Concamin groups and represents 1 million 200 thousand companies in all branches of industry.

industrial activity, which, together, contribute 40 percent of the Domestic Product

Gross, they generate 52 percent of the jobs registered in the IMSS and 90 percent of the exports.

Source: Forbes