Puerto Peñasco will host the great desert race 2023 


Sonora is about to live an incredible running event. The great 2023 desert race is approaching, where several competitors will have the opportunity to take a very demanding course, but at the same time it will take them on a cultural and historical journey of the Puerto Peñasco region. 

October will be the month in which the race for the routes of the Tohono O’odham tribe will take place. In a historical context, the tour is inspired by the journeys of more than 750 km that members of this tribe made centuries ago to bring fresh fish to their families from Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, to the Arizona desert. 

This event is unique because in all of Latin America there is no race that manages to bring together three ecosystems, these being: desert, marshes and beaches. This information shows us that the 2023 desert race is something unmissable due to the experience it offers when going through it. 

It is important to mention that there will be four distances available for runners who want to enjoy the experience: 

Ultra Trail 75K in two days. 

Saturday October 14: 50K 

Sunday October 15: 25K 

From the middle of the desert to the pristine beaches of the upper Gulf of California. 

Mega Desert Run 50K in two days. 

Saturday October 14: 25K 

Sunday October 15: 25K 

Following the same route 

Beach & Desert Run 25K in a single day. 

Sunday October 15. 25K 

Same route as the second day of the Ultra Trail. 

Beach Fun Run 10K in one day. 

Route has been specially designed for running or walking and enjoying the desert. 

The records will have prices ranging from 570 to 8,550 Mexican pesos, depending on the route chosen. 

 Source: Publimetro