Gas station employee goes viral on TikTok: ‘The most beautiful of Los Arcos’, say social networks users 


An employee at a gas station in Mexico has conquered thousands of Internet users for her beauty, her attitude and her way of dancing. Through TikTok, the young woman shares videos of her day-to-day life as an employee of Andeavor, Arco. 

The sympathy and beauty of the young woman has made thousands of Internet users follow her on her social networks where she is found as ‘@fontecqhmyw’ where she shares anecdotes about her employment, the work she does and her day to day when she is not working. 

The Mexican works at a gas station of a brand with a presence in Sonora, Sinaloa and Baja California, her name is Alma and she is recognized by customers because she “always has a smile while working” in addition to the fact that she takes advantage of her free moments to make viral TikTok dances. 

Thousands of Internet users have asked in which branch the young woman works to be able to meet her in person and ask her to take out “the forbidden steps” with which she later dances to different songs that are played in the establishment. 

The young woman has shared that she really likes her job and that, in addition, she gets along well with her colleagues and always seeks to provide the best service to all customers at the gas station. 

Source: Por Esto