Bloody XV years party in Cajeme; kill six and injure 25


An armed attack against the alleged leader of a criminal group, carried out by several armed men, generated a massacre when the hitmen killed at least six people, three men and three women, as well as at least 25 injured people, including among the victims several young people and women, in Cajeme one of the most violent municipalities in Mexico, south of Sonora.

The events occurred at a XV Years party, around 1:40 in the morning (2:40 a.m. CDMX time) in the Cajeme neighborhood, of Ciudad Obregón, on Pedro María Anaya street between Pascual Orozco and Carmen Serdán.

The party was enlivened by a mobile disco installed in the middle of the street, where several hitmen arrived with assault rifles, who according to the authorities’ version, shot directly at the leader of a criminal group. “About the events that occurred in the early hours of this Friday, the first lines of investigation indicate that it was the result of a direct attack against a person who was the leader of a criminal group and had arrest warrants for attempted femicide, qualified homicide, illegal deprivation of liberty and criminal association. This attack caused his death and five more people, as well as injured others”, says the informative advance published by the Attorney General’s Office in Sonora.

It transpired that the target of the attack, who was allegedly wanted by the authorities, but was partying freely, was Leonardo Vega Arellano, alias “el wacho” or “el soldado”.

Witnesses present at the party, claim that a few minutes before the attack there was a fight between several young people that ended with dozens of injured by blows with fists and objects, but the authorities have not established how the events occurred.

With this massacre, there are at least 50 intentional homicides so far in December in Cajeme, one of the most violent municipalities in Mexico, made up of Ciudad Obregón and the Yaqui Valley, where a dozen women and men have also been reported missing in the month.

By 10:00 a.m. local media reported that the number of fatalities from the tragedy exceeded 10, because, in addition to the six people who died at the crime scene, another four died in hospitals when they received medical attention but did not withstand the gunshot wounds.

Source: MSN