Why should I visit Bahía de San Carlos? (videos)


San Carlos a small community, that is a district of the Mexican municipality of Guaymas, in the state of Sonora

The north of the Mexican territory has numerous attractions that do not always receive the attention they should from the vacationing public. In the state of Sonora, it is possible to find true wonders for summer purposes, just as is the case of Bahía de San Carlos.

This spa stands out on the national tourist map for the excellence of its infrastructure and for having beaches one hundred percent suitable for fun and relaxation.

San Carlos Bay and the beautiful beaches of Sonora

Knowing in greater detail everything that Bahía de San Carlos offers to national or foreign travelers is emerging as an excellent approach to tourist exploration of the Sonoran coast in general.

There are many alternatives for recreation and rest that the north of the country offers us, but few are as complete and satisfactory as that of Bahía de San Carlos.

When planning a vacation, all relevant aspects must be considered for the success of the trip. One of the most important has to do with the budget necessary to cover all the cats that arise along the trip.

The remarkable tourist offer of Bahía de San Carlos, Sonora

Regarding Bahía de San Carlos, the fact that the investment for a vacation in this sanctuary is much less than the capital necessary to vacation in other more promoted tourist sites in the country.

Ultimately, Bahía de San Carlos captures the traveler’s attention with its fascinating combination of desert and beach, creating a captivating environment for even the most demanding and experienced travelers. Whether you are looking for ecotourism, adventure, relaxation, or maximum fun, Bahía de San Carlos is a highly recommended destination.

Why is it advisable to vacation in Bahía de San Carlos

Bahía de San Carlos has a warm dry climate with an average annual temperature of 24 ° C.

As the day passes, Bahía de San Carlos, in the state of Sonora, offers us a kaleidoscope of beautiful images that remain in our memory forever. It is a destination that seems to have been created to fascinate visitors, both for its beautiful natural landscapes and for the friendliness of the locals.

Of course, Bahía de San Carlos is excellent for taking panoramic photographs and for developing ecotourism activities.

Tips for visiting Bahía de San Carlos, Sonora

An impressive starry sky, the vast horizon of the sea, high mountains and the bright rays of the sun combine in Bahía de San Carlos, offering a unique visual spectacle and creating one of the most attractive tourist environments in Sonora.

San Carlos in Nuevo Guaymas is one of the tourist centers with the greatest potential in the north of the national territory. It is located 20 kilometers from the city of Guaymas, about 138 from Hermosillo and 127 from Ciudad Obregón.

Recommendations for vacationing in Bahía de San Carlos, Sonora

San Carlos was a scene where the pilgrimage of the Yaquis, Seris, and Guaymas indigenous people who found refuge on the Tetakawi hill, which means “goat’s tits”, was presented.

It is 200 meters high and from its top you get a privileged panorama of the area, especially of the vast bay. San Carlos offers visitors beaches of smooth and clear sand, dampened by the waves of the Sea of ​​Cortez.

The surroundings of San Carlos have abundant desert vegetation, a natural marina and an excellent holiday infrastructure.

Places of interest in the surroundings of Bahía de San Carlos, Sonora

It is impossible not to recommend the vast beach of San Francisco, for its gentle waves, the Piedras Pintas beach, with its exuberant natural environment, and Los Algodones beach named in that way because of the capricious shape that the sandy dunes take, so evocative of specks of cotton.

No great places for relaxation and sunbathing. On the beaches of Bahía de San Carlos, you can practice diving, kayaking, snorkeling and boat tours.

Tourist options in the surroundings of Bahía de San Carlos

Also worth mentioning is the Barajitas Canyon, about 27 kilometers north of San Carlos. It was considered a sacred site for the indigenous Seris. It is a formidable virgin space that treasures three different ecosystems and which can only be accessed from the sea. There you can get to know the main species of flora and fauna of the region, enigmatic caves and the interesting nacapule tree.

The nearby Estero del Soldado is excellent for exploring its waters by kayak and rowboat.

Nature tourism in Bahía de San Carlos

In Bahía de San Carlos, nature blends in perfectly with the local tourism infrastructure and mainly with water sports. The rich local biodiversity makes it a magnificent place to practice fishing and diving. It has two top-level marinas, with the capacity to house more than 700 ships.

For travelers who prefer to rest and have fun on land, they can have fun playing golf at the Country Club, hunting excursions in hunting areas, watching shows with marine mammals at the Sonora dolphinarium and the Pearl Farm, a unique site on the continental level.

It is worth mentioning that the pearls of the Sea of ​​Cortez are among the most valued in the world for their remarkable color and high quality.

Alternatives for tourist enjoyment in Bahía de San Carlos

For those who want to obtain beautiful photographs, the Panoramic Viewpoint has a magnificent view of the impressive sunsets, when the hills show a coppery hue and the sun’s rays create beautiful effects on the sky.

It should also be mentioned that just half an hour from San Carlos, just 20 meters deep, is the tuna boat Albatun and the remains of the Presidente Díaz Ordaz boat. These are excellent wrecks for diving.

It is considered the great tourist jewel of the State, and it is not for less: its landscape, considered in 2011 as “the most spectacular sea view in the world”, by National Geographic, displays a volcanic geography that melts with the turquoise blue of the waters. from the Gulf of California, while the abundant saguaros seem to raise their arms with pride to praise this place of enormous abundance in marine flora and fauna. It is part of Guaymas, and is located just 15 kilometers from it.

Cerro Tetakawi

From this iconic elevation it is possible to appreciate a beautiful view of the beaches, marinas, mountains and plains that surround the paradisiacal bay. Visiting it is a priority for foreigners and nationals.

Artificial reefs

30 minutes away by boat, departing from San Carlos towards the north, and at a maximum depth of 20 meters, lie the remains of the fishing vessel Albatun (1992) and the Presidente Díaz Ordaz ferry (1993).

Los Algodones Beach

The mere fact of knowing that its name originates from the delicate texture of its white sand dunes that resemble cotton balls, gives us an idea of ​​its level of attraction and the quality of services it offers.

San Francisco Beach

One of the busiest and most extensive in the area; its gentle waves are perfect for family conviviality, boat rides, snorkeling and kayaks. Adjacent hotels provide services of the highest quality.

Piedras Pintas Beach

The fact that its coast does not have hotels makes it very attractive for all those who seek to escape to adventure, especially if they enjoy taking a dip and living with nature.

Pearl Farm: Pearls from the Sea of ​​Cortez

Discover the first commercial farm of cultured marine pearls in the American continent and the only one in the world that uses a very special pearl oyster: the “Concha Nácar” or Pteria sterna. In 2004, the registered trademark “Pearls of the Sea of ​​Cortez” was created, increasing the quality level of pearls and giving a new impetus to the company. With more than 17 years of experience in the field of pearl oyster cultivation, pearl cultivation and jewelry production.

San Pedro Nolasco Island

45 minutes from the bay and without floors (only rock), it is the home of thousands of sea lions and other species; For this reason, it was named in 2005 as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Guided tours all year round!

Estero del Soldado

The 300 hectares that make up this sanctuary protected by the state government extend 5 kilometers from the bay. It is the territory of more than 160 species of birds (116 migratory), marine and terrestrial animals, and 250 types of plants.

Nacapule Canyon

Extensive private natural park, characterized by having the greatest biodiversity among all the areas that make up the Sierra El Aguaje. Being a semi-tropical ecosystem, it appears to be an oasis in the middle of the desert.

Scenic lookout

Beautiful work that facilitated the obtaining of the recognition “Most spectacular ocean view in the world”, awarded by National Geographic (2011). Without a doubt, it is an obligatory stop when visiting San Carlos.


San Carlos has two world-class marinas: Marina San Carlos and Marina Real, both with docks and just over 700 piers. With or without a boat, the visitor can enjoy its attractive views.

Attractions: beautiful walkways and facilities

La Herradura Canyon

Made up of several canyons, it is a protected natural area that satisfies the eye and the thirst for adventure. It is intricate and, in its subsidence, you can find exotic vegetation and the possibility of seeing birds, amphibians and reptiles.

The Sahuaral

In this impressive site, located in San José de Guaymas, there are dozens of huge cardonales that can measure up to 8 meters in height, dimensions that can only be achieved after growing for 500 years.

Las Barajitas Canyon

Area enabled for ecological and adventure tourism that offers 1 kilometer of beach, cabins, and a great variety of flora and fauna. Due to its conformation, it allows the incredible existence of two ecosystems. It is a sanctuary.

Super hosting

The tourist in San Carlos will find hotels ranging from 5 stars to bungalows, houses for rent, apartments, condominiums, trailer parks, and even the possibility of investing in a property or camping in permitted areas.

Ekotura Marine Water Park

Book and enjoy pure fun, test your skills in the different challenges, and have fun with friends and family with this unique experience.

How to get to Bahía de San Carlos

Located in the Sea of ​​Cortez, it is 20 km from Guaymas, 120 km from Hermosillo, and 390 km from the border with the United States.

By land

Guaymas connects with the international highway Mexico number 15, section Hermosillo – Ciudad Obregón. If you are coming from the south of Mexico take the Mexico-Guadalajara-Mazatlán-Nogales highway.

From Hermosillo it is possible to get there by federal highway no. fifteen.

By plane

There are several commercial flights from Phoenix Arizona, Los Angeles California, and Mexico DF bound for the Guaymas International Airport. It also has Aero Servicio Guerrero, a regional line that flies to Loreto, Guerrero Negro, and Santa Rosalía.

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