Los Chapitos threaten the National Guard with narcomantas in Sonora: “Comply with the agreements”


The faction of the Sinaloa Cartel led by the sons of ‘Chapo’ pointed out an alleged collaboration of military commanders with the criminal group

During the first hours of November 19, residents of the municipality of San Luis Río Colorado, in Sonora, alerted the authorities about the placement of narcomantas signed, apparently, by Los Chapitos.

According to versions published in the local press, there were at least three intimidating messages attributed to this group of the Sinaloa Cartel, which included a warning against elements of the National Guard.

“Lieutenant Colonel Adolfo Méndez Conde and Lieutenants Norberto Soto Barrios and Alfredo Sánchez Flores of the G.N., this is the first call for attention, comply with the agreements made as we agreed because your weekly payment has been made without fail,” were the words written at the beginning of the threat, which wording was modified to improve its understanding.

“Stop the bullshit or face the consequences. Att. Los Chapitos”, could be read at the end of the narcomantas.

The messages were placed in three different locations. The first was located on a pedestrian bridge on Constitución Avenue.

The second was in the vicinity of the military garrison of San Luis Río Colorado, in the Aeropuerto neighborhood, while the remaining banner was exhibited in a soccer field located near the entrance to the municipality.

According to information provided by the Government of Mexico, Lieutenant Adolfo Méndez Conde serves as chief inspector of the GN in the state.

The most recent public records regarding his participation in official duties date back to September 7, 2023, when a meeting was held with Sonora authorities to coordinate surveillance actions for the shrimp fishing season.

Lieutenant Alfredo Sánchez Flores was mentioned in journalistic articles in March 2023 as one of the GN elements who were injured during shooting practice at the El Sauz Military Field, in Sinaloa.

On the 6th of that month, an element of the institution used a machine gun and, by accident, injured nine of his colleagues, including Lieutenant Sánchez, who had to be transferred to a hospital in Culiacán.

Regarding Norberto Soto Barrios, there are no public documents that detail his activities within the National Guard or the area in which he is deployed.

The messages allegedly posted by Los Chapitos were removed on the morning of November 19 by the authorities.

Until the time of this publication, the National Guard has not made a statement related to the inclusion of three of its commanders in the criminal group’s threats.

Source: Infobae