Want to report Police corruption in Mexico? There’s an app for that? Wait there’s a catch though!


Have you ever had a situation where you had an encounter with the police here in Mexico and wanted to report police corruption? Well, there’s an app for that but it comes with a major limitation. I’m going to explain why in this video.

It has come to my attention that lately people on various Expat Facebook Groups are recommending an app to report police corruption. The app is called Denuncia Paisano. The app was created by the Mexican Government to report corruption, but there’s a catch. There is a big misconception and misunderstanding about this app and I am going to explain what this app is actually for and why it may not be for the purpose people think.

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The Institute of Mexicans Abroad – IME and the Ministry of Public Function have launched the “Paisano Complaint App” and the “I Know My Rights” Card, whose purpose is to ensure that migrant travelers entering Mexico are protected and corruption and extortion at border points can be prevented.

The app? allows you to make a complaint in time of any official who has wanted to extort them on their trip.

Likewise, the “I Know My Rights” Card is an empowerment tool to build trust among migrants so as not to fall prey to opportunistic abuse and acts of corruption.

Download it now!

Available for IOS: ? https://apps.apple.com/mx/app/denuncia-paisano/id1487405577 

Available for Android: ? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mx.gob.sfp.denunciamigrante

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