They assure that layoffs begin in Puerto Peñasco due to the closure of the Lukeville-Sonoyta port of entry


Between 6 and 7 thousand direct jobs will be lost in hotels, restaurants and other businesses, reveals Vásquez del Mercado.

Due to the closure of the Sonoyta-Lukeville checkpoint in Puerto Peñasco, between 6 and 7 thousand direct jobs will be lost in hotels, restaurants and other businesses that are part of the value chain of the tourism sector, stressed Héctor Vásquez del Market.

The director of the Las Palomas Beach tourist complex, pointed out that the layoffs at the “Rocky Point” have already begun and in a first stage it is expected that they will reach up to 7 thousand, and if the closure at the border is prolonged the number will increase.

The layoffs have already begun in Puerto Peñasco, the direct jobs that are going to be lost in the first round are between 6 and 7 thousand, and if this continues they will also be a ‘boomerang’ effect because the people who are losing their jobs “They will have the option of going to the United States to work,” he commented.

At this time of year, he said, the tourist destination captures an economic benefit of around 4 million pesos per day, by maintaining an occupancy of between 20 and 25%, and currently the hotels are at a capacity of less than 5%.

“Tourism is a very noble activity, it is not just employment in hotels, if people do not come, restaurants close, and there you already affect those who sell meat, those who sell vegetables, those who sell fruit, those who sell gasoline, those who sell souvenirs, entire value chain,” he stressed.

The business sector in Peñasco, he highlighted, is worried about the future that lies ahead for their businesses because this season is low and they face the situation with savings they make during the spring-summer season.

People are already very desperate, very nervous because they know that they could be left without jobs and without the support of their family because we are talking about jobs that at the end of the day are also families, the situation is very serious,” he commented.

Vásquez del Mercado added that the closure of the Sonoyta-Lukeville border crossing is a problem between the governments of Mexico and the United States for which there is still no immediate solution, since between 2,400 and 2,000 people cross illegally every day, and the capacity is 600 to 800.

“On the Mexican side, the lack of control of the southern border of Mexico is happening when they want and how they want, Chiapas is no longer a border, we are stuck on a single continent, migrants cross as if they had papers. Yesterday (Thursday) the pedestrian crossing in San IsidroTijuana was closed,” he said.

 Source: El Imparcial