Puerto Peñasco: Growing tourism potential and new development opportunities


According to statistics from the Puerto Peñasco Convention and Visitors Bureau, tourism is on the way to recovering to previous levels of the pandemic.

PUERTO PEÑASCO.- With its strategic position, beauties of the region and a constant increase in tourists, Puerto Peñasco has great potential to grow, representatives of the Rocaportense tourism sector agreed.

Greater tourism projection, air connectivity, more chain hotels, intensive courses to certify service providers and tourist hosts, as well as renewed, modern and innovative tourist infrastructure are necessary, said Curiel González de Casago, president of the Conventions and Visitors (OCV) of Puerto Peñasco.

Also bring championship sporting events, music concerts with international artists that are attractive to visit our destination. Generate congresses and conventions.

For this, it is necessary to condition our convention center, to offer impeccable facilities to users ”, he specified.

Regarding hotel occupancy, he indicated that the annual average (2017-2022) was 45% of rooms available for tourists, with a lodging offer of 7,300 rental units (hotels, condominiums, RV’s and rental houses).


Because Puerto Peñasco is a place with large open spaces and its benefits and natural beauty can be enjoyed, it is facilitating its reactivation after the hard blow of the pandemic.

If we add to this that Puerto Peñasco has a safe corridor to the border with Lukeville; the proximity to Phoenix and Tucson (Arizona), in addition to San Diego and Los Angeles (California), as well as air connectivity with Tijuana, the United States and the rest of the country, it can be inferred that everything is on the right track, he pointed out.

Regarding the percentage of tourism, the president of the Convention and Visitors Bureau in this port, specified that 60% is of foreign origin, coming mainly from the states of Arizona, California and Texas.

The remaining 40% is national, mainly from the states of Baja California and Chihuahua.


The always clean and certified beaches, the “El Pinacate” Biosphere Reserve -which is a World Heritage Site, declared by UNESCO, in addition to the hospitality of its inhabitants, are an incentive for both foreign and national tourists. that arrived at Puerto Peñasco, he exposed.

Curiel González de Casago described that this destination is a warm and familiar place, quiet, safe, close to the border, with a wide range of lodging and gastronomic route, there are also recreational activities, beautiful sunsets, and good nightlife.

We are the best beach destination in the Northwest of Mexico. We have different tours of the city, oyster farms, sand dunes, beach activities, among many more benefits that make Puerto Peñasco unique,” he explained.

Source: El Imparcial