Experience scuba diving in San Carlos, Sonora (VIDEO)


Scuba diving San Carlos Mexico: you’ve got to “sea” it to believe it.

San Carlos Mexico has great diving in the Sea of Cortez. The Sea of Cortez is recognized as having one of the greatest varieties and diversity of marine life in the world. Jacques Cousteau famously called it “the world’s aquarium”.

In a boat ride to a dive site and during a dive, you can see sea lions, dolphins, whales, mobula rays, lobster, octopus, sea horses, turtles, barracuda, nudibranchs, sea hares, moray eels, puffers, damselfish, rockfish and angelfish (cortez and king). You might even get lucky and encounter a hammerhead shark or whale shark.

It is important to keep the gills wet and San Carlos is the perfect place to do it. Scroll down for dive locations, yearly water temps, video, and reports with photos.

Before you head out, check the weather.

Be sure to visit your favorite local dive shop for assistance and information on diving around San Carlos.

Source: YouTube

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