Scandal in Mexico: an old woman is “vaccinated” with an empty syringe


SONORA, Mexico – A 95-year-old woman received an alleged dose of Covid-19, but was actually injected with an empty syringe in Cajeme, in the Mexican state of Sonora.

The event was captured on video and went viral on social networks. The delegate of the federal government in Sonora, Jorge Taddei Bringas, confirmed the veracity of the images and that the syringe was empty. However, he said it was human error.

The video shows the empty syringe that is inserted into the arm of an elderly woman, a fact that was denounced as a simulation in the vaccination process against COVID-19.

According to the official, the young man in charge of vaccinating the woman in the municipality of Cajeme said he was tired.

In the recording it is observed how a medical volunteer explains to the 95-year-old woman that she will receive “a little snack”; later, the man counted to two and stuck an empty syringe in the arm of the woman who came in a wheelchair.

In the publication, a video was shared explaining the protocol to follow to receive the vaccine in Sonora.

Enrique Clausen Iberri, Secretary of Health reiterated that prevention is the most important thing.


The Sonora Post