Hermosillo, Sonora allows night clubs and bars to open until 12 midnight


Hermosillo, Sonora. (March 1, 2021).- Although the trend of Covid-19 in the state continues to decline, preventive contagion actions must continue to be carried out to prevent a third wave from reaching the entity, indicated the Secretary of Health regarding the update of the Anticipa Sonora Map.

Enrique Clausen Iberri stated that the entity has 9 points in the coronavirus risk indicators at the federal level, while in the Sonora Anticipa Map from March 1 to 7 they place Guaymas, Empalme, Cajeme, Puerto Peñasco, Navojoa at High Risk and Huatabampo.

At Medium Risk are Hermosillo, San Luis Río Colorado and Caborca; while in Low Risk are Nogales, Agua Prieta and Cananea.

Clausen Iberri explained that 10 municipalities decreased in the score of the indicators and only two increased one point, so it is essential to continue with hygiene actions that cut the transmission of the Coronavirus, such as the use of face masks, frequent hand washing and healthy distance.

‘”To continue with this trend we must carry out hygiene measures and although the trend is downward, we cannot lower our guard since the virus continues to circulate as well as its positivity and as long as we are not vaccinated there is a risk of contagion’ ‘, stated.

The indicators that are taken into account, he shared, are those used in the federal epidemiological traffic light, based on the effective reproduction rate, incidence of cases, positivity, trend, hospitalized beds, occupied beds, occupied ventilator beds, hospitalized cases trend , mortality rate and mortality trend.

Regarding the restrictive measures to municipalities due to risk, he recalled that the suspension of night activities at Low and Medium Risk is from 12:00 AM; High Risk at 10:00 PM and Maximum Risk at 8:00 PM and they all restart at 6:00 AM

Regarding the capacity allowed in closed places, he commented that in Low Risk a capacity of 75% or 200 people is allowed; Average risk of 100 people or 50% of the capacity; High Risk 50 people or 25% of the capacity and Maximum Risk of 20 people or 15% of the property’s capacity.

The restrictions on the maximum capacity of people for terraces and outdoor places, he continued, are 300 people at Low Risk or 100% capacity; At Medium Risk 200 people or 75% of its capacity, high risk is 150 people or 50% of its capacity and at Maximum Risk 75 people or 25% of its capacity.

The state official declared that the duration of social events in municipalities at Maximum Risk continues to be suspended; In High Risk it should be only 3 hours in a closed space and 4 hours in an open space. In Medium Risk 4 hours duration in closed space and 5 hours in open space; while at Risk Low compliance with protocols.

Shopping centers in Low Risk municipalities must comply with health protocols; In Medium, High and Maximum Risk it is suggested to limit the permanence of people to 45 minutes.

Restaurants in Low Risk municipalities must comply with the protocols; in localities with medium and high risk, a 45-minute stay is suggested and only take-out service and terrace are suggested at Maximum Risk.

Massive events such as concerts, festivals, sporting events in the municipalities in Medium, High and Maximum Risk and in low risk are still suspended, they can be carried out with the fulfillment of the measures against contagions.

Nogales, Sonora

Casinos and clubs are allowed to operate in Low Risk and Medium Risk municipalities at 50% capacity, operating as a restaurant, still suspended in High and Maximum Risk. The bars, canteens and nightclubs suspended in Maximum Risk; In High and Medium Risk everyone can operate as a restaurant seated and in Low Risk it is allowed by complying with health protocols.

• Risks by municipalities and Zero Zones:

High risk:

– Guaymas: Colonias Centro, Yucatán and San Vicente.

– Junction: Jordan and Modern Colonies.

– Cajeme: Yukujimari, Cumuripa and Centro Colonias.

– Puerto Peñasco: Colonia Josefa Ortíz de Domínguez.

– Navojoa: Colonias Sonora, SOP, Reforma, Tierra Blanca.

– Huatabampo: Colonias Beltrones and Centro.

Medium risk:  

– San Luis Río Colorado: Country Colonies and Jalisco.

– Caborca: Colonia Aviación.

– Hermosillo: Colonias Nuevo Hermosillo, Balderrama, Montebello, Benito Juárez.

Puerto Peñasco, Sonora

Low risk:

– Nogales: Colonias 5 de Mayo and Solidaridad.

– Agua Prieta: Colonias Infonavit 1.

– Cananea: Colonia Cementerio Viejo.

Source: proyectopuente.com.mx

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