AMLO inaugurates road in Bavispe, Sonora (VIDEO)


On Saturday, February 18th, President López Obrador inaugurated the Agua Prieta-Bavispe highway that connects these two regions in the state of Sonora.

In the event, the LeBarón family, who were victims of the multi-homicide that occurred in 2019 precisely on that road.

The LeBaróns demanded that the president pay attention to the safety of the roads and denounced the dismantling of a National Guard barracks in the area.

Obrador promised to build the Casas Grandes-Bavispe highway, which will create a Chihuahua-Hermosillo-Guaymas corridor.

On November 4, 2019, about 70 miles south of the Mexico–United States border, gunmen opened fire on a three-car convoy en route to a wedding carrying members of the Lebaron Family, who are residents of the isolated La Mora community, which is predominantly composed of American Mexican “independent Mormons.”

Back then, Lopez Obrador refused to meet the leader of the Lebaron family.

Source: Youtube

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