From Sonora to Quintana Roo: These earthquakes have ‘shaked’ Mexico this week


The National Seismological Service has detected at least 14 telluric movements of magnitude 4 and up.

This has been a week marked by earthquakes. The magnitude 7.8 movement detected in Turkey has so far left more than 11,000 people dead and that number may still rise as rescue work continues.

Mexico, a seismic land, has concentrated important movements. Although the epicenter was not located in our country, an earthquake of magnitude 5.5 was felt this Wednesday slightly in municipalities of Quintana Roo and in the state capital, Chetumal.

Although the event (which occurred at 9:16 a.m.) caused astonishment and fear in the inhabitants of the area, State Civil Protection reported a white balance.

But Quintana Roo has not been the only state that was “scared” by the tremors. This is the list of earthquakes of magnitude 4 and up detected in Mexico from Monday to Wednesday by the National Seismological Service.

February 6th4.192 km. southwest of Puerto Peñasco, Son.
February 6th4.617 km. northwest of Pinotepa Nacional, Oax.
February 6th4.326 km. southeast of Ometepec, Gro.
February 6th4.126 km. southeast of Ometepec, Gro.
February 6th4.145 km. southeast of Union Hidalgo, Oax.
February 7th4.122 km. west of Ciudad Hidalgo, Chis.
February 7th4.087 km. west of La Mira, Mich.
February 7th4.164 km. southwest of Salina Cruz, Oax.
February 7th4.6130 km. southeast of Salina Cruz, Oax.
February 7th4.022 km. northeast of Petatlán, Gro.
February 7th4.119 km. northwest of Tapachula, Chis.
February 8th4.0133 km. southwest of Tonala, Chis.
February 8th4.5121 km. southeast of Salina Cruz, Oax.
February 8th5.5262 km. southeast of Chetumal, Q. Roo

Microerthqueakes in CDMX

An unusual situation has also been reported this week: earthquakes with an epicenter in Mexico City. Although this situation has happened before, what is remarkable this week is that the micro-earthquakes have occurred on consecutive days.

The SSN reported on Tuesday an earthquake of magnitude 1.5 whose epicenter was located in the Coyoacán mayor’s office. Hours later, this Wednesday another one was detected, of magnitude 1.2, whose origin was detected in the Álvaro Obregón mayor’s office.

And to all this, what are microseisms? The Institute of Geophysics of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) explains that they are movements that occur in the subsoils characterized by small ruptures in the earth, close to its surface.

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