Not quite yet inaugurated Quelite Bridge collapses in Sonora, Mexico (VIDEO)


This Sunday, December 4, the Quelite bridge in Sonora ceded just a few days after it was to be inaugurated this December after a “maneuvering error” in one of the beams caused the collapse.

The structure fell with a domino effect after residents of the area claimed that at least 10 beams fell.

It should be noted that the Quelite bridge collapsed in August 2021, as a result of the flooding caused by Hurricane Nora, so they proceeded to rebuild the bridge to inaugurate it in December of this year.

Videos circulated through social networks in which it is observed how the structure gave way, and people can be heard complaining that the bridge could not bear the weight and that if it was inaugurated in these conditions, the tragedy could be serious.

It should be noted that the Secretary of Public Works, José Luis Zavala Cabanillas, assured that the collapse of the work had nothing to do with construction errors since the accident was caused by an error in the maneuvers for the rehabilitation of the space damaged by the passage of the hurricane

“A maneuver accident from there at the company that caused a bad placement of one of the beams to hit the others that had a domino effect… It is not quality, it was a mistake in placing one of the beams,” Zavala explained.

In the same way, he assured that the contractor company must take charge of the repairs of the bridge.

Source: Quinta Fuerza

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