Windshield wiper knocks out a driver who rejected his service in Sonora


Although at the beginning there was only a struggle between the windshield wiper and the driver, the blows were not long in coming and the owner of the car ended up lying on the grass.

man allegedly cleaning windshields on the street was in a fight with a driver who apparently refused his service in Cajeme, Sonora.

The dispute between the windshield wiper and the other subject was disseminated through a video on social networks, which quickly went viral because although urban workers honestly try to earn money with this service, some motorists decide not to accept it and react with verbal aggression or physical.

The events occurred on the streets of Quintana Roo and Náinari, in the municipality of Cajeme, in Sonora, when a mature man wearing a white shirt and orange shorts left his car parked to fight with a younger man who does not have a shirt.

The video lasts 1:22 minutes, initially, it was just a struggle between the two, but then they start to release their fists and there a witness is heard saying “talk to the police”

During the conflict, a minor approached to try to calm the driver, however, noticing that his efforts were not working, he decided to withdraw and continue his work on the median.

In addition, for a moment the subjects separate, but the verbal aggressions do not stop. Later the young man manages to connect a blow to the face of the older man who falls to the grass, and despite his efforts, he cannot get up.

Seeing that he knocked out the motorist, who was sprawled on the ground, the windshield wiper reached over to shake his hand to help him up.

The driver with a visible effort stood up and went to his car to leave the place; while the wiper was reunited with his companions.

Despite the fact that the video was shared on August 24, it recently became relevant among Internet users, causing various reactions.

Among the division of opinions are those that compare the windshield wiper to boxing techniques, while others criticize its attitude.

“It does not stop being that the glass cleaner is abusive. He knows how to box and shouldn’t mess with private property. If the boxer were the buddy of the car, everyone would be throwing drama “; “That’s not knowing how to box, he’s just a street fighter, his guard down always. The abusive thing yes, since it makes you angry that you are not allowed to clean, second because you are an adult. It’s just abusive ”; “HAHAHA if you are going to get off at least be sure that you are going to win. She came out with that ‘for the other you are worse off. Mocking face with smiling eyes “,” this thug windshield wiper if he does more battle to Canelo Álvarez “, are some comments.

It should be noted that a user asked ex-boxer Jorge “Travieso” Arce what he thought about the events that occurred, to which he replied that “both are to blame, and both are right, the owner does not find it difficult to give him a coin instead of stealing and the glass cleaner must understand that not everyone wants you to clean it, the intolerance of everything that both parties give, that’s the way the world is today “, and regarding the” right hand “that threw the driver, he commented that it was very good, he even remembered what his story was like before he got to the ring.

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“Very good; You have to find a fight with that boy, who is capable of stopping cleaning windows. In 1996 I cleaned windows in Nogales to eat out, I wanted to cross to the United States. I wanted to be champion, and you see, I did it, “said” Naughty “Arce.


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