Canadian woman trying to make tortillas goes viral (VIDEO)


Social media users were surprised by a TikTok video showing how a young woman from Canada tries to make tortillas with a metal machine.

The recording caused a lot of grace on the popular platform, so much so that it ended up going viral and currently accumulates more than a million “likes” and more than 10 thousand comments.

In the video on TikTok, a woman who identified herself as Kim Migneault apparently is trying to make tortillas, the young lady, who is from Canada, can be seen speaking Spanish perfectly.

Out of nowhere, she was provided with a metal machine to make tortillas. The young woman accepted the challenge, despite never having seen an artifact like that.

“Can a gringa know how to use the press to make tortillas? Let’s find out!” Said the girl’s alleged boyfriend. In turn, she did not hesitate to protest and clarified that she is not “gringa” but Canadian.

What was the result of the preparation?

In the  TikTok video, you can see how Kim Migneault held the machine with a gesture of effort because of the metal it is made of, it seemed a bit heavy.

“First step, find where to put the tortilla,” exclaimed the woman, who instead of opening the press to place the dough decided to use a circle located on one of the bases.

“This side is a square, so no. But there is a circle, so yes. You put it like this and use your little arm so it doesn’t move. Then you put your dough in the circle, you put [plastic] so that it doesn’t stick, you put the dough and you crush it, “said the native of Canada.

At the end of the recording, the girl showed the result of her omelet, which was more like a sheet of dough with irregular edges. Although some considered his response to be spontaneous, others felt that it was a planned reaction. 

Source: Radio Formula