What are Netflix Cookies & How to use Them?


Netflix is not a novel concept for anyone. Using informal lingua, there is a phrase called ‘Netflix and chill,’ which is used to describe the ultimate relaxation experience. However, for you to use Netflix, you need a subscription, and not everyone can afford that. This is why some people need Netflix Cookies.

Netflix is one of the most popular and addictive entertainment platforms on the internet. It was through Netflix that the term Binge-watching become popular. Netflix has over 130 million subscribers who pay between $8 – $20 monthly to access their favorite TV shows and Movies. Granted, not everyone can afford to pay for premium access to these movies hence the existence of

What are Netflix cookies?

For you to know how to use Netflix cookies, you need first to understand what a cookie is and how to use it.  A cookie is gathered and saved by your browser when you open a website. The details collected include information like password, username, user IP, any form of login details, etc.

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Simply put, Netflix is a video streaming platform like Hotstar that gives you exclusive access to movies, TV series, and documentaries all over the world for a price. Netflix cookies are the information from a user that has been stored in their device when an account was activated on the device.

With Netflix cookies, you import the details into your devices’ browser and then gain access to Netflix premium accounts. When your computer gathers cookies, anytime you try to login to the Netflix portal; the server automatically authenticates with your browser to find corresponding cookies. When it doesn’t see the cookies, it shows you the login screen and then collects information.

How to get the Netflix cookies?

You may be wondering, how do I get these cookies? Interestingly, the internet is littered with different sites giving out free Netflix cookies with instructions on how to use it. Here are some websites with collections of cookies you can collect and set up on your browser.

  • TricksWire
  • MyCookiesFree.com
  • AndroidSlash.ch

The reason there are several options is that some cookies may or may not work on a device, and so you need different options and methods to enjoy this opportunity.

A lot of people wonder if this is safe; however, we can say it is entirely reliable because there are websites that use this method to get people’s information and scam them. Avoid any link or page that requires you to personal input information if you cannot confirm its legitimacy

How to use Netflix cookies?

There are several ways to use cookies, and each method requires some aspects for it to be successful. But you must remember that this method is temporary, and this is why the cookies are updated from time to time on those sites.

For this task, the best browser to use is Chrome or Opera Browser, and if you have never added an extension to your browser before, then this will be your first. Search for the extension ‘Editthiscookie’ on the chrome web store, download, and add.

edit this cookie for netflix chrome extension

Upon installing the extension, click on the icon, and chose the import option. After your selection, a box will appear that allows you to paste the cookies. Copy the Netflix cookies from a site you trust and past it in the box, then choose the save option.

Next, using the same tab, go to Netflix.com automatically, a username and password will appear, and you will be logged in. If none of these looks, it shows that the cookies were ineffective, and you have to try another one (probably an updated version).

You should know that this account is not personal because a lot of people will be using it through cookies. The cookies are free, so you don’t have to pay for it. This system recognizes your IP and may not work correctly in certain climes. You may also need to install a VPN extension for it to function correctly.

Precautions to Take

  1. When you have access to the cookies, do not try to change the password or email or else you will be banned
  2. Do not try to add your phone number or email address; just enjoy the access.
  3. Avoid logging out of the account, or else the cookies will be destroyed
  4. Don’t try to change the default language as it may result in revoking your access

Using Netflix Cookies may be the best option for people who can’t afford it. Therefore you can give you free access to watch your favorite TV series and movies. But if you do want to go through all these, you can enjoy on month free trial if you open a new account.

First, you register with your email then input your credit or debit card details, after which you get access to a free one-month subscription. Going forward, don’t forget to unsubscribe from premium membership after two weeks, so payment is not deducted from your account

Post written by: Jane Cora

Jane is a Professional Writer from the US. She has exceptional knowledge of various subjects and loves writing for Beings Of Universe occasionally.

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