Mexico and the United Kingdom looking forward to a safer world


On January 10, 1946, world leaders of the time gathered at Westminster Hall, London, for the first meeting of the United Nations Security Council and the General Assembly.

With parts of the city still in ruins, the leaders came together, quoting the words of the United Nations Charter, “to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war.” The United Kingdom and Mexico, both founding members of the United Nations, attended the meeting together, both looking to the future to build a safer world for everyone.

On January 12, the first elections for the Security Council were held, electing the (then six) non-permanent members who would sit alongside the five permanent members (United States of America, France, United Kingdom, Russia and China. ). Mexico was chosen to serve, along with Australia, Brazil, Egypt, the Netherlands, and Poland. Our nations proudly worked together in that first Security Council.

75 years later, we are very pleased to welcome Mexico to the Security Council once again. For the fifth time in its history, Mexico will serve a two-year term along with the other five permanent and nine non-permanent members. In 1946 we were considering how to repair the world situation after a devastating war. We were collectively seeking to build something new that would protect international peace and security for generations to come.

In 2021, at a time of unprecedented global challenges, we want to renew global confidence in the ability of the multilateral system to respond to these challenges. Recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic will be central to this global conversation, as the international community aims for “better reconstruction.”

Global challenges need global solutions, whether it’s about conflict, climate change, pandemics, cybercrime, or inequality. These challenges can only be solved with effective multilateralism, with the United Nations at the center, and the Security Council at the core of the UN’s ability to ensure that the world remains a safe, secure and peaceful home to its inhabitants.

The UK and Mexico have always worked closely together at the UN. We vote together often and support each other’s initiatives, including on important issues like the covid-19 pandemic and the illegal wildlife trade. We remain committed to working together to uphold our shared values ​​around the world. Our diplomats and diplomats have worked hard in New York, London, and Mexico City to prepare Mexico’s mandate in the Security Council.

Much has changed in the last 75 years and the challenges ahead are great, but the commitment of our two nations to uphold international law, protect the multilateral system, and maintain international peace and security remains. We look forward to our continued partnership with our Mexican friends.

Again, we welcome you!

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* Ambassador of the United Kingdom in Mexico


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